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MPL is designed to be a place of work, learning, fun and creativity. This kind of culture doesn't create itself. At the same time it can't be just created from whole cloth. To that end this blog will tell the story of building this startup. I'll talk about what I'm learning about company structure, technologies, positioning, leveraging my existing network and building further on it.

Also -- I'll post cool stuff we're working on.

To start -- we've been building a virtual office for our rep agency BLAH BLAH BLAH. The idea is to take the idea of a website full of reels and build a 3D interactive version of it. There are some tech hurdles to overcome -- especially the idea of creating a web-based interactive build that can play embedded video etc. Luckily we have a secret weapon in our technical advisor -- Dan Shimmyo (Instagram @shimster13).

Our modeling trainee on some of the buildings is Sammi Chan.

Gianni Agard-Corazzini is helping with textures. Gianni was the star materials artist on Frog Legs.

Still a WIP but making progress and pushing the envelope in modeling, textures and game play in Autodesk Maya and the Unity game engine. Here are some clips of tests.

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